Full Name: Gemma Buck

Age: 30-ish!

Years In Scouting: 15

Years Leader Service: 10

Hometown: Lowestoft

Previous Groups: None

Current Occupation: Support Worker

Spending time with my family and Scouting

Motto: Live everyday to the full you never know what might happen tomorrow

Bio: I have been involved in scouting for most of my life… I was only 10 weeks old at my 1st Cub Camp! When I was younger, girls were not allowed to join Scouts so although I spent all of my summer holidays at Cub Camp with my parents (who were leaders/helpers at the time), I didn’t join the movement until I was 14 when I became a Venture with 1st Carlton. When I was 18 I took out a warrant as an ACSL. Then in 2008 I took on the role as CSL (Akela) taking over from my Dad, who is now AGSL.

Full Name: Graham Betts

Full Name: Lisa Blowers

Age: 28

Years In Scouting: 28

Years Leader Service: 5

Hometown: Lowestoft

Previous Groups: It’s always been 1st CC

Current Occupation: Lecturer

Hobbies: Walking, reading, time with friends and family

Motto: ‘Be prepared’ (what else)?!

Bio: (A little bit about yourself) I was born into Scouting as my dad (Baloo) was a Cub Leader before I was born. My favourite part of Scouting has always been the camps! Summer camp, winter camp and the District camps. You come home feeling exhausted and needing a long soak in the bath but with great memories. I have made some great friends through Scouting and I enjoy every (well nearly every) minute.

Full Name: Martha Canham
Age:  Forty Something

Years In Scouting:  About Six years with 1st Carlton Colville Air Scouts.  Helped at Beavers for a couple of years. I mainly help at Cubs and at Cub Camps – I am known as Rikki.  I record and collect the subscription money for Cubs and Scouts.

Years Leader Service:  None.

Hometown: Born in Amersham.  Live in Corton, Lowestoft

Previous Groups:  Sea Venture Scouts – Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex

Current Occupation: Teaching Assistant at Benjamin Britten High School.

Hobbies: I am Guider in Charge of 1st Corton Brownies, helping at Cubs. Playing card games. Canal Boating. Camping.

Motto:  When in doubt don’t

Bio:   Well where do I start?  I am a very busy Wife to Bill (1st C.C.Air Scouts President) and Mother of two teenagers and Snowy Owl to my Brownies.

I have currently 13 very enthusiastic Brownies that make up 1st Corton Brownie Unit who I am very proud of.  The Unit will double in size this September (2014) due to the closure of 1st Hopton Brownies.

Apart from driving my daughter to and from:-School in Gorleston, Ballet and Tap, Junior Masters, Violin lessons, Judo, Horse riding and Guides I now just hand over money to Luke who is a Unit Helper the Group and is short of cash all of the time.  He is off to University  pending A Level results hoping to study Chemical Engineering.
As already said I help at Cubs and at the camps and take the subscription money at Scouts and now Cubs.  I am on the Executive Committee for the Group.  I have found the Group an extremely friendly and welcoming one and enjoy being involved and especially love the camping aspect.

Full Name: Dave Howard

Age: 50

Years In Scouting: Was a Cub and a Scout with 1st Carlton Colville

Years Leader Service: 16 year as a pack helper

Hometown: Lowestoft 

Previous Groups: None

Current Occupation: Patient transport for east of England ambulance trust

Hobbies: D.I.Y, cycling and music

Motto: Dib Dib Dib

Bio: When I was young I was a cub, but after Cubs I gave up scouts after around a year. I returned as a helper when my son joined cubs at the age of 8 and have stayed ever since (God help me)!

Full Name: Shane Rowe

Age: 18

Hometown: Lowestoft

Previous Groups: None

Current Occupation: Sheet metal worker

Hobbies: Fishing, sports, gym

Bio: After going through the Scout section, I am now a helper with the Cubs. I enjoy helping out, most sports and I give most things a go.

Full Name: Kyle Rowe

Age: 18

Hometown: Lowestoft

Previous Groups: None

Current Occupation: Engineer

Hobbies: Fishing

Bio: I like spending time with my family and friends and helping people out

Full Name: Luke Canham

Whilst at University Luke is also acting as a Sectional Assistant (part time)

Name:   Luke Canham

Aka:  Luke Scoutwalker

Age:   19

Years in scouting:    12  (beavers, cubs, scouts and now with explorers)

Home town:    Lowestoft

Occupation:    Student

Hobbies:      Sleeping, Archery, Socialising.

Motto:       Why get up, when you can sleep all day

Bio:     I have one sister, (no comment) and live in Corton. I have studying A level Chemistry, Physics, Maths and Electronics at East Norfolk sixth form collage, and am aspiring to go to Cambridge university. I have proved to be hard to feed at camps, as I am a very fussy eater. I always enjoy leading with the cubs and hope to continue.

Full Name: Harry Quirk

Role: Young Leader

Years In Scouting: 10 years

Years Leader Service: 1 year

Previous Groups: None

Current Occupation: School GCSE’s

Hobbies: Scouting, Camping, Reading, Playing Guitar, watching anything comedy

Mottos: “What’s the point in growing up if you can’t be childish sometimes?”- Tom Baker

Bio: Quirk by name Quirk by nature. I make an attempt to volunteer for things wherever and whenever possible. I am known in the young and young-ish leader team as “Harry-The-Hat” because of my tendency to wear some sort of hat during the majority of camps, or to the people who don’t know my name I’m “The-One-With-The-Crazy-Hair”