Website Update- New Features

Today we have a few new features released on the site

– On the ‘Scout’ menu, the uniform page is now ‘Uniform & Badges’. We now have a 1st Carlton Colville specific diagram of where to put your badges

– Under the ‘Group’ menu, there is now a ‘Group Structure’ page. This has a structure of the Scout group with profiles and photos of each section/group leader

– Under the ‘Scouts’ menu, there is a ‘Meet the Leader Team’ page where you can view a profile about all of the Scout leaders & Young leaders

– The last thing (there will be a letter home about this too), is the search box on the left hand menu. If you buy anything on Amazon, rather than typing ‘’ into your browser or Googling it, please launch it using the orange ‘Go’ button. By doing this, whatever you purchase whilst online at Amazon, 1st Carlton recieve between 5-10% for no extra cost to you! It’s free money for the group and doesnt cost you anything, so please tell your friends, family, colleagues and everybody you know to use the ‘Go’ button- being a charitable organisation, every penny counts!