Uniform status for the following camps:
Seething: Not needed
1 night camps at Herringfleet or Mutford OR winter camps elsewhere: Necker only
Jamborees: Arrive in full uniform including beret and black shoes/socks
District reunion camp: Arrive in full uniform including beret and black shoes/socks
Derbyshire/Gradbach: Travel in full uniform, however no berets needed
Leadership weekends: Arrive in full uniform including beret and black shoes/socks

Standard for all camps
Sleeping bag
Carry mat or similar
Spare trousers
Spare t-shirts or similar
Sweat shirt or similar
Something warm to sleep in
Fleece jacket or similar
Waterproof jacket (mandatory for all camps)
Waterproof trousers (optional unless hiking)
Strong shoes and/or trainers
Spare underwear & socks
Wash kit
Old tea towel (don’t expect to see it again)
Personal first aid kit
Small torch
Medication (if needed, handed to leader on arrival)
NEW: Water bottle (reusable)
NEW: Mug

Summer weekends
Shorts (optional)
Sunglasses (optional)
Sun hat

Summer camps , longer camps & jamborees
Swimming kit
Fancy dress (as specified)

Hiking weekends in the Peak District or similar
Waterproof walking boots. Canvas boots must have a waterproof lining e.g.,Goretex. Fell running boots, shoes or trainers are not allowed whilst hiking
Wool or wool-mixture hiking socks
Daysac ie. small rucksack ideally with clips between the straps (needs to be comfortable, we have spares available, please ask in advance)
Water bottle
First-aid kit with a good supply of plasters, dressings and 1 triangular bandage, kept in a waterproof bag
Two torches suitable for walking at night
A WARM hat
Warm gloves or mittens
Waterproof jacket with hood and over-trousersboth with taped seams (need to be of a reasonable quality to give adequate protection for walking in open country. We have some spares available, please ask in advance)

Weekend or overnight camps at Herringfleet or Mutford OR winter camps elsewhere
Knife, fork & spoon
Plate, mug, bowl/mess kit
For district reunion camps, a change of clothes and shoes for water activities
Note everything gets muddy at these camps!

Overnight at HQ/leadership weekends
Air bed or camp bed

Gadget Policy – NO PHONES AT CAMP

Everyone has gadgets, but Scouts should be a time where these are left at home due to the nature of activities we do. Below is our troop policy on gadgets for different situations. The most important thing to note here is that (even if we relax the rules for certain events as I mention below) I strongly recommend Scouts don’t bring any electronics to any events. Any gadgets brought with the Scouts are taken at your own risk.

Troop nights: We understand that some Scouts walk/bike to Scouts and therefore bring phones with them for safety. All I ask is that when they enter the gates upon arriving until after closing parade all electronics should remain in their bags, not pockets or out being used. This rule is the same if we are hiking, firelighting, playing wide games etc too.

Camps/overnight events: No electronics should be brought to camps at all unless the letter specifically states they can be, not even kept in bags. Camps are wet, bags are left on the floor and things get broken. We had a brand new kindle stood on before- we also have had incidents at camps a number of years ago where phones have caused a duty of care issue for the leader team. Leaders always have phones so if a Scout wants to contact home when they are away they can use our phones- we carry all emergency contact numbers with us. It’s worth noting that we do relax this policy for some camps, eg. if we have a long way to travel we may allow iPods, if it’s a big event or jamboree we may allow cameras, etc. The letter for each event will state the policy.

Monday night activity sessions
Scouts can bring electronics but need to ensure they are away when doing activities or being briefed by leaders.

Any questions, please ask.