Scout Leadership Weekend November 2012

<– Five Scouts from the “Kiwi” company planning the set-up of their production

Eight of our older Scouts, together with eight Scouts from other groups, have just taken part in one of our regular Leadership weekends. On this occasion the theme was “Entrepeneur”. The Association has just created the Entrepeneur Challenge which requires that Scouts set up, and run, a business, either real or virtual. We decided in the virtual option and three teams rented factories, hired employees, created adverts, bought raw materials, and set themselves up in the widget production and sales business. Each of the teams managed to produce and sell several thousand (virtual) widgets, despite falling for some of the traps helpfully placed before them by the course staff.

In addition the teams took part in a “Trading post” activities where they could buy instructions to complete an activity, then rent equipment from the┬ápost in order to create a “product” that the post would buy from them.

The real objective of the weekend (as might be gleaned from the title) was to train the Scouts in teamwork and leadership, which I think they all achieved.

At the end everyone was looking forwards to the next one in the spring next year.