What We Need From Parents/Others

The Scout Group can not survive without a certain amount of support from parents, this section aims to explain what we need as a minimum, and what we could achieve with more support.

Annual General Meeting

It is a legal requirement for us to hold an AGM annually- and we must have a number of parents present for this. When letters/notices go out, we appreciate your support just for around an hour to attend this.

Group executive

The group needs an executive in order to continue to run. The Group Executive Committee exists to support the Group Scout Leader in meeting the responsibilities of their appointment. The Committee is responsible for:

  • The maintenance of the Group’s property and equipment;
  • The raising of funds and the administration of the Group’s finance;
  • The insurance of persons, property and equipment;
  • Group public occasions;
  • Assisting with the recruitment of Leaders and other adult support;
  • The local management of the Safety Policy.

As a minimum the Executive should have two representative parents from each section (Beavers, Cubs and Scouts). If you would like to be a representitive or part of the committee, get in touch with us using the form below. 

Fund raising

Fund raising needs support in two directions:

  • We need assistance to run various events that we are able to use to raise funds. Examples of this from recently are Seething Charity Air Day, the group had the opportunity to provide a barbecue/burger stall which made a significant amount of profit for Group funds. The stall was staffed by a very small number of people which meant that they were working long hours with little rest. More people would share the load better.
  • We also need support in the shape of people turning up where the Group is running an event, very few of these have happened recently due to the shortage of volunteers to run them. We hope to run more of these activities in the future, such as a Christmas Bazaar and a Quiz or Bingo night with supper. If we don’t get support it isn’t worth doing, this is an opportunity to get friends and family involved.

Fund raising means that we can reduce the regular cost of meetings and events. As an example raising subscriptions by £1 per member, per month raises around £700 per year (including the gift aid contribution), if we can raise £1500 per year that is £2 per head less that we can charge for subscriptions.

The Group has many outgoing costs, the electricity & gas bill being major drains each year. Luckily as a charity we do not have to pay rates, but that is a discretion and could change at any time (and has already in some parts of the country). Other major costs include camping equipment, a patrol tent lasts for many years, but they will at some point cost around £600 each to replace.

Group material

We are lucky to have our own headquarters, but this takes work to keep in working order. Various parts of the buildings badly need decorating and some minor repairs (we also need major repairs, but definitely understand that we need to get these done professionally). If we can get assistance from parents then this becomes so much easier. We also need to sort out a lot of the storage space, both to get rid of some old “stuff” that is in the way, and to find some things that we seem to have lost. In order to get some of this done we plan to run a work day over the winter. The more support we get from parents on this, the more we can get done.

Section events

The Group runs a quite active programme across all sections, whilst we can always use more permanent leaders we realise that not everyone wants that commitment or responsibility. Those of us involved in the leadership team do it because we enjoy it, it certainly isn’t the pay (just in case you didn’t know we don’t get paid).

That said we often need support in running events, etc. It sometimes is not possible for any of the leaders to be available for district (or County) events, if parent or parents could assist on this we could enter more of these.

The Scout section tries to run various additional evenings for shooting etc. We must have two adults present for such things, again we can not do this as often as we would like. Ideally we would like to use some Monday evenings for Shooting, Archery and Flight Simulator training on a regular basis, if a few parents could give up one Monday evening a month to support this we could make this happen. It is worth adding that any parents who do get involved in this would need a (free) CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) check.


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