Beavers- Farm To Fork Tesco Trip

Recently, our Beaver colony were the first group from Lowestoft to attend the new Tesco Farm to Fork trail, which was made available to the Scouts, Cubs and Beavers in January 2015.
The Beavers were given tasks to complete around the Tesco store, they watched Bread being sliced with the machines, visited the fish counter and stood in the massive store freezer. They also got to sample lots of different cheeses and breads, deciding which were their favourites. 
Once the Beavers had completed all of their tasks and taste challenges they were awarded their Tescos Farm to Fork badge to wear on their uniform. 
Thankyou to Andrea for the tour and talk she provided for us. Lots of happy Beavers went home smiling with their goodie bag handed to them as they left.
More photos can be found in ‘Beaver Farm2Fork’ gallery under the ‘Photo’ menu above.