Leaders in Scouting rarely get badges, however 2 weeks ago, our ‘Assistant Scout Leader’ Andy was awarded his wood badge.

A leaders wood badge demonstrates that they have completed all 17 modules of training to become a fully qualified Scout Leader. This training usually takes hundreds of hours over the course of around 3 years to complete, with the majority of this time being over weekends and working on the written side of the training at home.

‘On the morning of 8 September 1919, 19 men dressed in short trousers and knee socks, their shirt sleeves rolled up, assembled for the first Scoutmasters’ training camp at Gilwell Park. The camp was designed and run by Robert Baden-Powell.

Afterwards, Baden-Powell gave each man a simple wooden bead from a necklace he had found in a Zulu chieftain’s deserted hut whilst on campaign in South Africa in 1888. The Scoutmasters’ training course was a great success, and continued to be held year after year. Wood Badge recipients now number more than 100,000 and can be found in all corners of the world.’

Andy now gives the Scout section 5 fully qualified ‘Assistant Scout Leaders’ (With Steve, Paul, John & Matt making up the other 4 respective of the order they received their awards), and means all of the Scout section leaders are now fully trained.

Congratulations to Andy from all here at 1st CC!

To read more about the wood badge, follow this link:,230